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What to Blog About in June

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Are you a blogger? If so, what topics do you cover each month? The Randolph Towers Blog is sharing a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you in your blogging endeavors this month and next. Check out our suggestions below.

A kind act or word from someone, or a good aspect about others.

There are plenty of not-so-great things in the world happening, but there is also a wealth of great things happening that don’t get the attention they deserve. Recognizing those things can make you more optimistic about life, so share that realization by spreading goodness. It will help you feel better about life, encourage others to keep up the good work and improve your relationships with others.

Something you like about yourself.

It’s always a good time to recognize the attributes about yourself that you think are awesome. Whether it’s your sense of humor, your kindness, or a quirk, there are many things that make you you. So practice some self-love and find yourself!

Something you’re passionate about.

If you have a blog already, you’re probably blogging about something you’re passionate about. But you don’t have to just have one passion or stick to your usual topic this month. Try something new this week — a potential skill or hobby, or even a new way of thinking — and write, draw, or make a video about what comes of it.

Something you’re grateful for.

Think about and express in some way at least one thing you’re grateful for. Whether it’s your favorite apartment amenity, something life-saving like food or water, a luxury like a great donut shop, or a good day at work, there’s something to be grateful for each day.


We hope you feel inspired as you blog in your Arlington, VA apartment, or wherever you might be. Have a great month!