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How to Improve your Sleep Quality

Smiling baby lying on a bed while sleeping on blue sheets

Back in February, we helped residents of our apartment community find the mattress of their dreams. Today, we’re focusing on helping our residents sleep better. A good night’s sleep can make all the difference for your work day and can help reinvigorate you during a stressful week. We hope that you trying out these tips helps to improve your sleep quality in your Arlington, VA apartment.

One Word: Comfort

Make sure that your bed is a place of rest and relaxation. Reserve your bed for sleeping only. Don’t check your phone, your email, write, read, or watch TV while you are in bed. By reserving your bed as a sleeping space, you will find it easier to fall asleep at night and minimize distractions. 

Two Words: Minimal Stress

The Mayo Clinic writes that stress can damage a night’s sleep. Manage your stress by eating healthier, unburdening your mind in a journal (or with another resource like a therapist or a friend), and setting a schedule for your daily tasks. You will be amazed at the difference less stress can make when you are trying to get to sleep and stay asleep at night.

Three Words: Bright Light Exposure

According to Healthline, one tip for sleeping better is to increase the amount of bright light exposure that you’re currently getting.


“Natural sunlight or bright light during the day helps keep your circadian rhythm healthy. This improves daytime energy, as well as nighttime sleep quality and duration. In people with insomnia, daytime bright light exposure improved sleep quality and duration. It also reduced the time it took to fall asleep by 83%. A similar study in older adults found that two hours of bright light exposure during the day increased the amount of sleep by two hours and sleep efficiency by 80%. While most research is in people with severe sleep issues, daily light exposure will most likely help you even if you experience average sleep.”


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