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Healthy Eating Begins in Your Apartment

Dad and son cooking together


Before you start making drastic changes to your eating habits, understand that you don’t have to be perfect to have a healthy diet. In fact, eating healthy does not require you to remove all the different foods that you enjoy — you don’t even have to change everything right at once. If you’re planning to eat healthier, the Randolph Towers Blog hopes to help. Here are a few key points to remember to get you moving in the right direction at a pace that’s right for you, setting you up for success.


Prepare your meals. By cooking your own meals you can be the boss of what goes into your food. Studies have shown that preparing your own meals will help you eat fewer calories, eliminate added or unnecessary sugar, and combat feelings of depression.


Avoid late-night eating. Start eating dinner early (around 14 to 16 hours before breakfast the next day). Eating when active and giving your digestive system a good break each day is a great way to help regulate weight.


Eat with others when possible. People tend to overeat when alone or in front of the television.


Drink a lot of water. Don’t mistake thirst for hunger. Staying well-hydrated is a great way to help you make good eating choices.


Replace the unhealthy foods. Cutting back on unhealthy foods can be difficult. Many people struggle with this because they don’t successfully replace those with healthy alternative foods. An example is to replace trans fats with healthy fats — goodbye fried chicken and hello grilled salmon!


We hope that these tips help you move in the right direction when it comes to healthy eating. What suggestions do you have to help with eating healthy in your apartment? Share with our Arlington, VA apartment community residents by leaving a comment below.