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Chocolate & Bubbles: Our New Obsession!

hand with a loofah washing an outstretched leg and pointed foot emerging out of a bubble bath

Welcome back to the Randolph Towers Blog! In today’s post, we’re excited to focus on bubble baths! Have you ever heard of a chocolate bubble bath? Get ready for a recipe that will blow your mind!

Lavender Bubble Bath

Before we get into the recipe that we’re all excited about, let’s start off with something a little more classic like lavender. In order to make this recipe, you’ll need one cup of castile soap, one-quarter cup of vegetable glycerin, and 20 to 30 drops of the essential oil of your choice (the recipe uses lavender as an example). Simply combine all ingredients and mix. Then carefully pour the bubble bath mixture into a glass bottle for storage. Use about one-quarter cup for each bath.

Chocolate Bubble Bath

This recipe is made by using dried milk powder and unsweetened chocolate. From reading about it, it sounds like the key to getting this bubble bath just right is the amount of chocolate. While the recipe calls for a specific amount in the ingredients list, one person found that adding a little more makes things extra nice.

This recipe comes from Jamie Geller, who shared all the ingredients that you’ll need, including the following: one cup of unscented bubble bath, one-half cup of dried milk powder, and three ounces of powdered unsweetened chocolate. Prepare yourself for a bubble bath that smells great and is simple to make. This is also a great place to begin if it’s your first time making a bubble bath.

Mix the powdered milk and chocolate well, until blended. Stir this into the unscented bubble bath. Then add the mixture to your bath (the amount is up to you).

Thanks for reading! Share your own recipes for a soothing bubble bath with the rest of our Arlington, VA apartment community by leaving a comment below. Have any other ideas for relaxation? We’d love to hear about them.