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Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping from Randolph Towers

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Not feeling up to Black Friday shopping this year? Neither are we! Maybe you aren’t in the mood to brave the crowds, or maybe you know you’ll go over your budget if you go. Whatever reason you aren’t participating this year, Randolph Towers Blog has some tips for what you might do instead on the day after Thanksgiving.

Opt Outside

REI started closing its store on Black Friday in 2015, suggesting to its customers and employees to #OptOutside instead of shopping. We think it’s a great idea! Whether it’s finding a place in nature you haven’t been before or spending the afternoon in a local park, the ways you can enjoy yourself outside this Black Friday are endless. You might even consider making it a tradition each year on this day to choose a new outdoor adventure to go on!

Clean Out the Closet

Instead of buying new things, take Black Friday to assess what you already have first! Maybe you have some winter clothes that no longer fit that you could donate to a local clothing drive. Your kids could rid their bedrooms of toys they no longer play with to make room for the new ones they’ll receive during the holidays. Being aware of what you have will help you focus on your priorities when it comes to gift shopping, and you can prioritize purchasing the things you need before the things you want.

Support a Local Business

You probably want to start your holiday shopping before December comes, so rather than supporting the large corporations that dominate Black Friday, why not shop at a local business? The Saturday after Thanksgiving has been designated as Small Business Saturday, and it’s a perfect time to purchase gifts that will be far more unique than those you might find somewhere else. Plus, choosing to shop at small businesses will benefit the local economy much more.

Buy Gifts Online

With online shopping becoming an increasingly popular alternative to in-store shopping, you are bound to find similar deals online to the ones you’d find in person during Black Friday, if not even better deals. Many businesses have Black Friday deals available online these days. On top of that, the Monday after Black Friday is Cyber Monday, a day dedicated to discounted shopping online. Skip the long lines and get the same great prices, all from your own home!

Thanks for reading, and have a happy Thanksgiving at your Randolph Towers apartment or wherever you may be!